Art App Exam - Online Class Struggles

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We had fun creating this short video of ours. We learned a lot from the videos we watched before, then applied it to our so called “production”. Sir Ted is a very great artist. I learned a lot from him. We learned a lot. How he handles his lines, his emotions, his character, over all he is very talented.

Art is a very important thing today. We need art to enjoy simple things. Art is in our daily lives, we just need to go deeper to find and enjoy it. All we need is to discover oir creativity and then we have already made a video. It is not as pro as other’s but, we tried our best and I’d say it’s good already for beginners like us.

As an ArtApp student, I would say that whenever you encounter a chance, never make the mistake of not grabbing it. Try and try and you will be better someday. Enjoy arts.


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